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Hello! I’m a New Yorker with a strong desire to live a full, fun and adventurous life. And my commitment to health & wellness ensures I can continue such a groovy lifestyle. 

From a young age, a tween if you will, I've zealously pursued fitness. Treat your body like a temple was my mantra. I became a pescetarian at nineteen, which coming from a Latino family that ate lechón, carne guisada, pernil and pollo with every meal… well, the fact that I wouldn’t eat any type of meat except for the occasional fish became quite the family scandal. I insisted that latino-ness still ran through my veins while I salsa danced in order to get my point across. It was as if I announced that I was going to break faith with my culture and join a cult that was doing shameless deeds while running around wearing nothing but some kind of ancient looking tunic. Yeah, I don’t know either! My family was set in their ways and this was the start of my strange and unfamiliar manner of living. Funny enough, it was the beginning of my black sheep status. 

As I've gotten older, my need to be the best I can be, physically, mentally and emotionally has grown. Throughout the years, I've taken my health and wellness to higher levels. I went from pescetarian to vegan, from neighborhood runs to hiking mountains… and I now live a chemical-free life with Young Living's essential oils. Their oily products have replaced all my hygiene products and household cleaners. Their supplements and essential oils support my mind, body and soul. I diffuse them when I meditate, I use them topically when I workout, and at my job, I rub them all over myself... especially when my staff is ruining my good vibes.  

I'm amazed that I have lived so long without essential oils. It’s like finally finding your soul mate... where have you been my entire life! I now kick it with oily educators and learn new ways on how these fabulous oils can improve my way of living and keep the adventure rolling. Let me share this wild ride with you. It will rock your world and leave you wondering how you ever lived without essential oils… and wondering how you ever lived without meeting this funky guy… kidding, although I am pretty awesome.

Oh and coincidentally, my Latina mother is now a Young Living member! It’s hard to deny all the goodness essential oils have to offer! 

Peace, Love… & Take Care, Be Good!

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  • Bonus oil: 5-ml Stress Away

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  • Thieves 1-oz hand purifier

  • Thieves spray, 1-oz

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What happens when I use a nontoxic household cleaner from Young Living... Click on video!

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