Free Peace & Calming with the purchase of a starter kit!

Peace & Calming. Sounds like magic, right? Well it has been a rare unicorn oil around here because it has been out of stock for a year! It has been my son Owen's favorite oil for 3 years (when we started using oils), & I had to explain to him that we are at the mercy of the Blue Tansy crops. Remember, Young Living essential oils are the REAL DEAL! They can't be processed in a lab or made at will. We have to wait for the crops to grow then distill them at just the right time.

And, if that batch of oils doesn't meet our high standards, guess what? Gary Young won't sell it. So then we have to wait for another crop. While this is frustrating because so many of us LOVE Peace & Calming and other frequently OOS oils like Valor & Roman Chamomile, it's comforting knowing that only the best quality will do & we can rest assured that there are no synthetics or chemicals added...and no shortcuts taken.

So what happens to those oils that aren't quite up to our standards? They are sprayed on the YL fields for natural pest control because we don't use ANY pesticides on our crops and all weeding is done by hand.

All that to say, I was SO thrilled to see this magic unicorn oil is being offered for FREE with every Dew Drop Premium Starter Kit purchase until the end of the month! Be sure to tell your friends about this awesomeness so they can get on this oily train with you!

Oh and Owen was happy that Mama isn't being quite so stingy with our Peace & Calming now. At his wellness doctor visit last week (where, by the way, they thought they lost his records because he had not been to the doc in 3 years ) he applied Peace & Calming to his chest then breathed deeply from his hands right before they gave him his shots. He was a champ! So happy that P&C is back and that YOUR loved ones have a chance to get it! (Don't forget, it's also available as part of this month's promos if you still need to snag some unicorn oil for yourself!)

Head up to the Take Care Be Good Leaders tab on this site and click on the person who introduced you to Young Living/told you about this deal! The instructions for purchasing your Dew Drop kit are easy peasy to follow, & you'll get added to our private FB page for support & education!