The Ultimate Toxin-Free Home Makeover & Back-To-School/Ready for Fall Bundle!  

Are you ready to take the plunge into toxin-free living? Have you been wanting to ditch and switch some household cleaners for healthier options? Looking to support your family members' immune systems naturally for the upcoming Fall/Winter & help bring balance into your lives...physically AND emotionally...and YES, that includes restful SLEEP? All the Mamas and Pappas say, "Yes, please!" Well, this is the ultimate Young Living bundle for you!

+This is for the month of August only!+

$930 worth of product for $340!

What will you get in the makeover deal of the century?

3 of Young Living's most popular collections included in ONE majestic bundle from heaven : our Premium Starter Kit, almost our ENTIRE Thieves line of cleaners/hygiene products for immunity boosting, AND our ENTIRE KIDSCENTS LINE of oils! (Pre-diluted oil blends safe to use on kiddos! They are beneficial to adults too. ;)) 

This deal includes:
•Premium Starter Kit (Dewdrop diffuser, 11 amazing oils- Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Copaiba, Frankincense, Digize, RC, Thieves, Purification, Panaway & Stress Away, & membership to Young Living and our Take Care Be Good support team)
•15ML bottle of Thieves oil
•2 Bottles of Thieves Concentrated Household Cleaner (you can replace ALL cleaners in your home with this!)
•2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soaps
•2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifiers
•2 Bottles of Thieves Spray
• 1 Thieves Mouthwash & 1 Aromabright Toothpaste
• Our ENTIRE COLLECTION OF KIDSCENTS OILS (Owie, Tummygize, Sniffleease, Sleepyize, and Geneyus)
• Peace and Calming oil
• Cedarwood Oil
• Citrus Fresh Oil
• Envision Oil
• Clarity Oil
• Extra Lemon Oil
+ $20 back in points to spend on a future YL purchase!

All of this =$338.50 ($363.50 - $25 back via PayPal) plus you get all the Essential Rewards freebies and $20 worth of ER points to spend later!

See the products down below? You'll get ALL of them plus more! 

Ready to get soooooo oily it's ridiculous??!!!

Here are the steps, my friends!

  1. Go to
  2. Please select Wholesale Member (not Retail). This ensures you can purchase the starter kit & get 24% off retail!
  3. Click on "I was referred by a member and have their ID number" and input the number into both enroller and sponsor spots. (If your friend sent you here, they will have provided you with her/his member number! If you are here because of me, Heather Isaac, my member number is 1603414.)
  4. Select your Premium Starter Kit & Dew Drop diffuser.
  5. Set up your Essential Rewards order*** by selecting "Customize Your Kit."  Add these items to your cart: "Thieves Essential Rewards" kit (this contains most of  the non-toxic Thieves cleaning and bodycare products!), Thieves dish soap, Thieves laundry soap, Cedarwood oil & Peace & Calming oil.
  6. Confirm your order.
  7. Fill out your address/information. 
  8. Create your username & password. (Jot this down for the future!)
  9. Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  10. Check out and wait for alllllll that goodness to arrive on your doorstep like it's Christmas morning!
  11. You are all finished! Welcome to the Take Care Be Good family! Once you have ordered, you will be added to our private support/education groups where our helpful team will guide you on your oily journey! All are welcome! We are SO EXCITED you are here!

***Essential Rewards is Young Living's monthly wellness box subscription where you choose which products you want to order every time (it only takes a minute to change your order each month!) & what day your order will process! Why is it so amazing? Not only do you get to try new oils, products (like the Savvy Minerals Makeup!) or supplements each month, but you get +rewarded+ for doing so! You start out receiving 10% of your purchase back in the form of ER points (with the deal above you are already starting out with $20 worth of ER points), which you redeem for free product! After 3 months, it goes up to 20% PLUS you get the first of 4 loyalty gifts...culminating in a bottle of Loyalty blend oil on your 12th month, which only ER members have the chance to get their hands on! You also get a reduced shipping rate!