At Take Care Be Good, we believe life is best lived vibrantly- full of purpose & compassion. Take care of yourself & others... Be good to yourself and others. Simple really. 


I'm Heather Isaac, the girl who grew up with her Mom saying, "Take care! Be good!" to everyone she knew. Today,  I've embraced these colloquialisms as personal mantras. I embarked on a wellness journey several years ago, wanting my children to learn how to make healthy choices that will carry them into adulthood- teaching them to TAKE CARE of themselves (& others). We began using essential oils to help bring balance into our lives, both physically & emotionally, & have naturally began delving into other aspects of a healthy lifestyle. 

I also try to instill in my three birds of a Heather to BE GOOD to themselves & others. Kindness is kind of our thing. Spreading the love people, spreading the love. Part of our philosophy is giving back to people in need.

This community of like-minded oilers wants to help educate you & your family!

Won't you join us on a wellness adventure?

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