Epsom salts + oils = heavenly!

There is something so relaxing about an Epsom salt & oils bath! Even my kiddos look forward to them! Olly & Ave take a Lavender bath to relax before bed, & my oldest takes Panaway/Copaiba baths after soccer games & basketball practice! 

Epsom salts act as a dispersant so the essential oils won't float on top &, ahem, burn your bits. You don't want that! Not only are Epsom salts great for helping the oils dissolve in your bath, they also provide your body with magnesium...adding an extra calming element! You can also add sea salts or baking soda to your baths if you'd like.

I have been saving my empties for awhile now, and my little guy had fun helping me put 80 (!) bottles into this gigantic glass jar from Target with a whole lot of Epsom salts. He stopped to sniff every Lemon bottle, telling me it was his favorite scent. Soooo many different oils went into this mix! I did leave out ones I deemed not worthy of a spa-like experience, aka Digize & Immupower! Ha!

What is YOUR favorite Epsom salt bath combo?