Magical Jasmine

A few months ago, I raved about a Jasmine plant one of Roby's Mom's friends gave me to grow. I am OBSESSED with the scent of Jasmine...the magical way it floats through the's like a siren call to me!

In college, I wore a Jasmine roller perfume that I adored, but it turned my skin rashy & I couldn't wear it. So when my package arrived, I ripped it open so fast to smell the REAL DEAL Jasmine oil. Guys!!!! It transported me back to 1998! I'm in love!  The best part? It was FREE because I redeemed Essential Rewards points for it! If you aren't on ER, DO IT! And then you too can have a floral siren's call in a bottle! 

Jasmine oil facts:

+Jasmine is known in India as "queen of the night" & "moonlight of the grove" & has been treasured for centuries for its aphrodisiac-like scent. 

+It is a member of the OLIVE perfect is that?! (My daughter's name.)

+It takes 1 THOUSAND pounds of Jasmine or 3.6 MILLION unpacked, fresh blooms to make one pound of Jasmine oil. The blossoms must be collected before sunrise, or much of the fragrance will evaporate. They must not be crushed either.

+A pound of pure Jasmine oil costs $1,200, whereas synthetic Jasmine (what my skin couldn't handle) costs $3.50 per pound & has no beneficial constituents. 
From the Essential Oil Desk Reference