Move-in Day

My heart is brimming. When we moved back to Chattanooga, away from our friends & families once again, we had no idea what was in store for us. But God knew. We see His hand of provision & how He orchestrated the tiniest of details for us. Since we were never able to sell our house before we moved to the Northeast, we rented it out & were able to live there the past 3 years. (!) Then this beautiful Tudor that has been on the market for a year fell into our laps AND our friend & realtor Emily sold our house without it being on the market. What?! We also didn't foresee Roby's promotion. It may be trying at times because of his constant work travels, but he works so hard & is a rock star at what he does! (He'll hate that I said that, but he truly is a talented guy, & his team members have told me he is one of the best bosses they have ever have!)

And, guys! My Young Living business is my legit CAREER! I am so honored to have 2,000+ people on my team & enjoy supporting & educating my members in this oily journey. I get to do this with some of my closest friends. Is this real life? Thank you all for the team work that makes the dream work! 

So so thankful to God for His provision & in awe we get to make this house a home!

(Because I mentioned my business, I must also provide Young Living's Income Disclosure Statement.)